What are the racing guidelines?

You may race any vehicle that runs on pavement. Track time is reserved through the track management team. There is no maximum time you can reserve during open track times, you are a part owner!

Are there any HOA or member fees?

Currently we expect the fee to be about $100/month to cover track maintenance and items such as trash removal. Community improvements or balance refunds will be voted on by the lot owners.

What are the guidelines for building on each site?

You may build one or two single family homes on each 5 acre lot. They may be one or two story homes. You may have as many garages as will fit on your lot. Additional permits may be required for construction. There are two wells with 10,000 gallon storage tanks for the owners to use. Electricity has been pulled in from 3 ½ miles away and each lot owner will be responsible for personal usage. Solar energy is welcome. Each lot will need to have a septic system constructed to accommodate your build. If your site does not work for a typical septic we are also approved for an evapo system.

How do I buy a lot?

This is a great opportunity that will increase in value. First contact us to schedule your tour and choose a lot to purchase.  The lots are currently $150,000 for 5 acres, however lot prices are subject to change without notice. We have lots 2-11 available. All sales are conditional upon buyers receipt and acceptance of the Arizona Dept. of Real Estate Public Report.

We are looking forward to partnering with you! See you on the track!


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